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Comment field not working in online project: The comment field is a narrow line: The resolution is to lower the DPI setting on the computer to below 125%, and restart the PC.
1. Right click on the translation grid, from the context menu choose "Customize Appearance" 2. Click "Other scripts" 3. Set the font for the given language (e.g. Tamil -> Latha). 4. Press "OK" 5. Press "Apply" See the attached screenshots. (Dependin...
It is not possible to import the native Publisher format, but you have the option to export files from Publisher in HTML, and memoQ does have a filter for that.
In almost all cases, SQLCe errors mean that some of your memoQ related files are stored in a shared location. Please do not store projects, or resources in a dropbox folder, network share, or other such solutions, as these will cause a file sharing violat...
Matches with the exclamation mark are created by the matchpatch function.
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